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Inclusive Access FAQ:

1. What is Inclusive Access? Inclusive Access is a course materials delivery program. It packages digital content with your course in Canvas so you can access the right materials at the most affordable price on the first day of class.

 Inclusive Access isn't free, but your bookstore negotiated a deal with the publisher so it's the lowest cost you'll find! Pricing is a unique situation between the school and the publisher, and RedShelf does not have that information to share for each course. Your bookstore can answer any questions about specific pricing.

2. How do I access my Inclusive Access course materials? Your Inclusive Access course materials will be accessed through Canvas if your course is participating. You will click on a link called “RedShelf Course Materials” that will either be placed in the course navigation or in a module. Your instructor will explain where to find the link in a course navigation introduction.

3. Who do I contact for help with the course materials? First contact the bookstore to see if they can help you get your course materials. You can also contact Sam Giordanengo, Associate Dean of Instruction and eLearning, to get help troubleshooting course material access troubles (

4. Can I access my Inclusive Access material after the course ends? Yes, you will have to navigate to and log in with the email you’ve been using for your Canvas. You might need to reset your password at, best done through Chrome.

5. When will I be charged? Your student account will be charged the "Embedded Textbook Fee" when you register for the class that is using the Inclusive Access. You should receive emails from at the beginning of the course.

6. How much will I be charged? MCC and the publisher coordinate to offer the materials at the most affordable rate. The bookstore will have the most accurate info for your course.

7. How do I opt out?  You will have to drop the course in order to drop any fees. 

8. How do I opt-in? The inclusive access is an automatic opt-in. You have to Opt-out if you get the materials elsewhere. If you drop the course after the initial drop/add deadline and hadn’t opted-out, you will still be charged for the course materials.  


                Log in to Canvas

                                Click on Modules

                                RedShelf Course Materials

                                View Course Materials

                                Click on green button “Acquire Code”

                                Copy and save code

                                                Follow instructions to get to the publisher page.

                                                You will need to register an account (Please use your school email)


                Log in to Canvas

                                Click RedShelf Course Materials in the course navigation menu


                                Click on Modules

                                                Click RedShelf Course Materials

                                                                View Course Materials

                                                                                Start Reading

For questions related to Inclusive Access or RedShelf please see the staff at the Bookstore or email